Our Range of Kennels


We manufacture three models of Raised Run Dog Kennels - Deluxe Assembled, Premium Flat Pack and Basic Flat Pack. All of our kennels are made with Australian Steel and with the highest quality materials.

We can organise delivery for any of our Kennels to anywhere in Australia, our flat pack design enables the freight price to be kept minimal.

We look forward to supplying you a quality Raised Run Dog Kennel for your working dog, breeder or family pet.


Our Standard Kennel is our most robust kennel and comes as a 1, 2 or 3 bay fully assembled. It is made with all Australian steel and has heavier steel, more steel in the framework and much heavier hinges than our other models.

Premium Flat Pack

Our Premium Flat Pack model comes as a 1, 2 or 3 bay Raised Run Dog Kennel. Includes an all Australian Steel frame, high quality interior timber, dog room and rear door access. Cheaper to freight due to its flat pack design.

Basic Flat Pack

Our Basic Flat Pack is the budget model of our Raised Run Dog Kennels. Made with all Australian steel it has an open dog run, no dog room or rear door, and comes as a 2 Bay only.